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The standard terms and conditions to use this web site is clearly mentioned here. The website name is

The whole right of the content and designs of all other material and legal rights of the website belongs to Mind Aviator Technologies and Services Pvt Ltd and those who are using our website for the information seeking objective and other uses should abide by the terms and conditions given below. You must not use the website if you don't agree with the terms and conditions and the consequences or the outcome whether it is legal or any third party related issues if arises before or without agreeing the oath of our terms and conditions we will not be be responsible for the any kind of answers, responses and the compensation claimed.

Changes to the Agreements:

Mind Aviator Technologies and Services Pvt Ltd will have the absolute right to change any of the terms and conditions mentioned here any time and frame of terms we choose. Only those who agree with our terms and conditions to use this website whatever may be the purpose they may use.

(a). Enjoying Albuzzer

Only those who abide by the terms and conditions are expected to enjoy our website You or anyone will have full restrictions from our side to the issues given below and we keep right to restrict anyone using the websites for the following conditions:

  • Copying of Website content is Restricted without our prior permission.
  • Selling or commercialising anything/ visual, message, template or content are restricted without any permission.
  • Using any maternal or information that would damage the website and its image.
  • Showing or displaying any of the material on the website as your own/ or claiming someone's ownership.
  • Using the website against the law of the land and enticing people for any unlawful activities.
  • Engaging in any kind of data stealing, and selling activities posting any link or unauthorised material for the same. Posing any threat to anyone using any information from the website content
  • Using any kind of advertising of publicity activities which may give any financial benefit for anyone without our knowledge
  • (b). Payments, cancellations and cooling off

    You will not have the right to claim any payment and have the right to stop payment whenever the service provided by the website of any stage halts. You will not have the right to illegally or otherwise own or possess our ID and password of the website.

    (c).Rights we grant you

    We grant the right only to use our website for the information seeking and the objectives we mentioned on the purpose of the site as a user who has agreed to the user agreements.

    (d).Third Party Applications and Devices

    If any third party application and devices is used on our website for any purpose and stealing or misusing any content using the same device/devices is illegal.

    (e).User-Generated Content

    For the user generated content if any legal implication arises the author will be personally responsible for any legal cded remedies and outcome of any legal procedure taken by the victims. We will not have any responsibility to pay any kind of compensation in this regard.

    (f).Rights you grant us

    When using the terms and conditions agreement we will have the right to use any content or any other material as our own use. When you publish any of your private content after agreeing with the terms and conditions we will have the right to publish it anywhere in the world. This includes translation, licensing to the third parties and syndication and editing.

    (g).User guidelines

    The users are expected to use the website and the content on the site within the four walls of the guidelines and legal license we provide. You cannot misuse any of our name, content or visual in the form of any other material for your personal benefits without proper permission granted by us.

    (h).Infringement and reporting User Content

    You will not have any right to infringement and use any name of the management or owners of the company or the site at the stage of using the website as a witness or legal responsibility as witness of any of the user’s faults at any stage.

    (i).Service limitations and modifications

    We reserve the right for extension of the service of the website. If necessary, we will have the right to modify any content for the appearance of the website as per our wish. The user will not have any responsibility or right to demand any compensation in this regard at any stage of using the benefits of the website.

    (j).Brand Accounts

    The Albuzzer brand belongs to us and we own the absolute right on its brand name and legal right to use anywhere and any time.

    (k).Albuzzer Support Community

    Albuzzer will have a support community for the purpose of self/community support or otherwise. The opinion and advice and its consequences whatever may be the outcome, we will not have any legal obligation at any cost. The concerned individual posted the opinion will have responsibility. In case some defamation related case arises/ hurting any sentiments of the member of the community; then those who have posted the content will be held responsible.

    (l).Customer support

    We will have a customer's support for the paid or premium services. They will have access to the support service within the framework of the time and duration and sequences.

    (m).Export control

    The user doesn't have the right to export any of the information or the interrelated items posted on our website to export without legal permission from our side.

    (n).Terms and termination

    The website owners will have absolute right to cancel or withdraw any of the rights we provide to enjoy this website. We can debar anyone to use anything related or the name of the website after their legal terms ends.

    (o).Warranty disclaimer

    We are not providing any warranty for using our website. However as a matter of public responsibility we will try to make sure the benefit of the site is useful for a maximum number of users.


    Limitation means the boundary beyond the legal and obligations we agreed on the site for use is not permitted.

    (q).Third party rights

    If any third party apps or sites or software are used on the website they will be right to ask for separate terms and conditions from the user. We will not have any legal obligations to both of the parties as a user or service provider at any stage of your enjoying such third party website / tools on our site. We will not have any responsibility to any monetary terms/obligations from the side of the user in case any third party legal dispute takes place.

    (r).Severability, waiver and interpretation

    The website and its owners will have the right to terminate any service or right to the users any time. We will give a waiver or any concession to the users due to some reason or benefits we believe good for both parties. No other user will have the right to object on the same matter.


    The website or its owners will have the right to assign any one or third party to run any service the site requires.


    In case some legal implications between two or other users take place we will not have any obligation to give indemnity in this regard. The concerned parties will have to settle between /among themselves at their own cost.

    (u).Choice of law, mandatory arbitration and venue

    The legal formalities of the website is under the jurisdiction of National Capital of Delhi.

    (v)Contact us

    For any data related queries please contact us: