Albuzzer-Privacy Policy

Privacy policy means protection and safe utilisation of data collected according the highest level of privacy according to the laws of the land. It deals with the way the data is processed and utilised by providing adequate protection Our privacy policy ensures all the users maximum privacy and protection. We will have an authorised platform and data center to store and manage without the data getting leaked to any third party. The data will be handled or managed by only an authorised person who knows the legal implication of giving privacy and protection to all the user’s information. We will not sell part with the database for any kind of financial gains.

Will you use the collected information in another country?

The data we collect we will use only for our business and promotions purpose. We will not transfer to any third parties unless the law permits it. The data will be transferred to another country wherever we have our associates and branches. It will give you full protection of your data and privacy and during transmission and no third party will get any access to the information or data we collected and transmitted or shared to any of our associates.

1.How will you use the data you collected?

The data will be used for product improvement, customization of service and product innovation or any other service improvement only.

2.How will you collect the data?

The data will be collected using cookies for your online behaviour and the data of your personal details by asking you to fill the forms. The data means, name, address, phone number and email address and other details depending on the purpose of the data we are collecting. However, the user will be given the option to opt out both on filling forms or allowing cookies. Cookies means a data gathering code which will be placed in the users device and user behavioral data will be collected. The data collected in this manner will be used for our promotion purpose, quality improvement and customer support personalisation…only

3.Does your website use cookies? What kind of cookies?

Cookies means a text file which is installed on the users device with his/or her permission. Yes, our website uses cookies to gather information which is permitted by the law. However , the user has the option to deny the cookies. To get access to some details we decided the user may have to allow cookies to be installed and only then, such information will be given access.

  • Session Cookies- it functions so long as the user on the website. After that it will be automatically deactivated from the user’s device
  • The long term data cookies collect the data related to time used on the website, bounce rate, domestication rate, etc.
  • It will monitor the subjects you have looked for, goods you buy, intend to buy or show interest, your taste and your likes and dislikes will be gathered and provided to us.
  • The cookies will monitor your purchasing habits, news habits, and other information you are searching.
  • 4.Can customers make payments online via your website?

    The customers can make payments online and we are using the third party gateways on which we will not have any control. In such cases if any data discrepancy takes place the user will have the right to take legal action against the third party. We will not have any responsibility or legal obligation in this regard.

    5.Can customers make payments online via your website? If so, what kind of encryption do you use for web payments?

    Yes, the customers can make payments on the website. The third party gateways are used for the payments and we don't have any control on the data and payment method details you are sharing with them. In case some form of data breach takes place we will not have any responsibility. Nevertheless, you will have the right to take action against the third party site and legal remedies will be available.We will support you providing all the details of the third party to take legal measures against any kind of data breach if noticed.We use complete end to end encryption .

    6. Who can users get in touch with if they want to access the data?

    The users can directly call our customer service and from where the data management department will be connected to answer all your queries and address all your concerns. They will provide you 24x7 service. You will be right to ask for the details and ask for deleting your data from our data bank. The data bank department will be helping you after proper authentication of your personal details and identity.

    7. When will you publish your Website Privacy Policy? How will you further notify users of updates?

    We revise the privacy policy once in a year and the users will be informed by email on all revisions taken place. In case some changes in the privacy policy, it will also be informed from time to time whenever the changes take place. The data policy will be our framework of protecting the rights of all our customers and they will clarify any information we have gathered and will delete or update the data we have collected.

    8. How do we use the data?

    We use the data to fight spam, to improve our products and service and to even give the users personalised service depending on the taste and interest they have, in some special cases if warranted. This data will be having adequate privacy throughout the period we keep the data in our server.

    9. How long the data is stored?

    We keep data for a period of one year. After that period if the data is not updated by the user or given permission to be updated automatically the data will be automatically deleted from our system.

    10. Release of information for legal purpose

    In case the government or any legal authorities demand the data for legal and national protection objectives we will share with the concerned authorities and will keep the receipt of the data shared.

    11. Data security

    The data will be stored in our server and saved. It will have complete protection from any form of unauthorised access or any other discrepancies throughout the duration of the period we keep the data with us.

    12.Commercial and noncommercial communication

    We will send commercial communications like promos, new product launch and Newsletter to you/ the user only when the user opts in or grants us permission. Without that we will not send any commercial communications to the user using the shared data.

    13. User can edit and amend the data/information provided

    The user can login using authentication details and edit/ delete or amend the data provided any time.This right will be available so long the data you provided stored with us. If the data is deleted you will not have access to any deleted data. We will be free from any kind of obligation to provide any data which we have deleted from our data bank.

    For any data related queries please contact us: