New Delhi, India - July 14, ANI/PNN : The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has pervaded vulnerability on the real estate sector, because of the seriousness of cases and the imposition of lockdowns.However, it has not left developers unsettled, as they are more prepared after the first wave.A real estate that has decided to go alive during the second wave of the pandemic is Tulip Properties under Tulip Group. The Pune-based real estate development organization means to make the entire process of providing high-quality and affordable housing simpler and faster.One of the most rapidly growing real estate companies in Pune is Tulip Group with its sister concern companies Tulip Properties, Tulip Developers & Snehmangal Tulip Developers. If we lay our eyes on the credentials of Tulip Properties under Tulip Group, we would come to know that Tulip Properties is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Construction Company, and the design and construction quality of their projects are extraordinary.The founders of Tulip Group are Sanjay Varma & Anand Sathe. Tulip Group has given rise to several prestigious projects, which have made a special place in the hearts of the people. The success of these projects takes a lot of hard work, planning, and success, and the team behind it has made everything possible.There are several successful projects of the Tulip Group, namely the Infinity Tower, Infinity Planet, Tulip Purple, and Tulip Exotica, and are pioneers of PCMC, Punawale, Ravet &Tathawade for constructing quality homes. One of the unique features of the Tulip Projects is its design. Three features are kept in mind - luxurious, intricate, and useful while designing the flats. Thus great designs are ensured in the flats.Pune's one of the best Architects, Ar. Usha Rangarajan is one of the eminent members who play her hand in all the designs to make it perfect. Luxury and exceptional interiors are included in every project. The customer reviews of these flats are also exceptionally well. While looking at the designs the professionals make sure along with the interiors, the exteriors are also designed perfectly and usefully."The planning of each flat has taken a lot of time research thus the design is made in such a way that it's useful and impactful. Each apartment in Tulip Properties is planned in a way that there is no room for wasted corners. So, when there is zero wastage, there is optimum utilization of the entire area. All these minute things add up to make a project a well-designed and successful one", says, Sanjay Varma, the founder of Tulip Group.

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