New Delhi, India - September 29, ANI/SRV Media : It was in Oct-2018 that SEBI released a press note on-boarding 9 firms for Forensic Audit that included one from the Big 4.Few firms were expected to make it to the prestigious panel, but a handful were not even anticipated.One such Indian-origin firm was Pipara & Co. LLP. Since then, there was no looking back for Pipara & Co LLP, who went on to get enrolled with Serious Fraud Investigation Office, SFIO - CBI, NHB, etc. It has been quite a journey for Pipara & Co LLP since their inception in 1982.Today they stand a firm ground despite all odds that came their way while trying to uncover the lid on serious frauds. As per Namann Pipara, Partner at Pipara & Co LLP, "We have always been driven by values since our firm's inception by our founding partner & my father, G. C. Pipara, four decades ago. No doubt Forensic Audit seemed like tricky waters when I wanted to join and grow this domain, but our experience of working with the Economic Offences Wing, EOW, and Commissioner of Police for complex and large frauds gave us the required expertise and understanding. With a 100% success rate with our Forensic engagements, a large part of our 200+ team is dedicated to this vertical of our practice. If we track the last decade's market updates, we get to know that grave financial crimes were committed that manipulated the system and required in-depth analysis to help identify and prevent their recurrence. We hope to see the firm lead in Forensic Investigations domain globally."

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