New Delhi, India - September 29, ANI/Oswaal Books : The MCQ-based term-1 board exams for 10th& 12thare just around the corner, and start from 15 November 2021.The entire year has been challenging for students as there have been no classes in person, and many students have not even been able to access quality online teaching. The new exam structure based on MCQ pattern will be a turn-up for the books.Enhanced learning and meticulous planning are vital for all the students to top boards this year.Let's walk through some tips to get well-versed with the new paper pattern and manage your study:Manage Time WiselyTime management is extremely important to finish the paper efficiently.90 minutes will be allotted for each paper. For every MCQ, do not spend more than 1-2 minutes and try to fill the OMR sheet simultaneously while solving the questions.Once you finish the paper, go through each section properly. In this revision time, check the OMR sheet to account for a last-minute change of mind and revisiting not answered questions.Updated ResourcesCBSE sample papers have been released on the official CBSE website for the 10th & 12th. They are a good resource and ideal to start your preparation.To get the best of all updated resources, studyOswaal CBSE sample papers.The Oswaal CBSE MCQ-based sample papers class 10th& 12th, For term 1 Nov-Dec 2021 Exam, have been strictly designed as per the term wise syllabus &sample question paper released on 2nd Sept 2021. They carry 5 solved and 5 self-assessment papers for class 10th and 5 solved and 10 self-assessment papers for class 12th. All the MCQ-based exam-oriented and cognitive learning tools are included for optimum growth. For CBSE MCQ-based sample papers for class 10th term 1 board exam 2021-22, click here CBSE MCQ based sample papers for class 12th term 1 board exam 2021-22, click here you wish to take a long leap ahead, try our newly launched completely state-of-the-art study-portal -Oswaal 360.Oswaal 360 consists of mind maps, Mnemonics, revision notes, weekly practice papers, mock tests and live scores. Consider this an actual virtual exam before the exam. It's equipped with 10th and 12thMCQs, both assertion-reasoning and case-based that are academically important questions for board exams. Mind maps, QR codes, weekly practice papers, revision notes and on-tip notes are some of the easiest and most efficacious tools that you'll find helpful to get ahead of your competition.

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