Albuzzer-About Us is a well sourced content aggregation platform where thousands of readers visit, read and share news and information; at the same time, many media houses syndicate our contents every day. What makes us unique is we are a niche content provider and our target readers get the best quality contents on a single platform along with analysis. Albuzer categorises the News, analysis, influencer’s opinion and blogs in such a way that the single subject gets maximum coverage per day and we remain as the most reliable platform to read the viewpoints, news and analysis of any topic. Our motto is to offer rich information and serve on time. We want people to enrich their knowledge about daily events and incidents happening in the field of Politics, Business, Economics, Stock market, Medical, Science and Technology, Information Technology, Sports and entertainment sectors of the world. People can utilise this information for decision making in their business. Students can utilise our information for gaining general awareness that helps in their interviews, government and private examinations etc.


To be the most reliable, credible, and objective source of news platform to people.


Provide the complete and accurate information from the world through our platform in a swift manner.We thrive to provide awareness and understanding with our deep analysis and insights through the interpretation of complete information, facts and figures without distortion and biasness, gathered from renowned journalists and news portals to the people in every corner of the world.We cover the topics from News, Politics, Finance, to cooking everything under the sun the readers love to read. They get varieties of content for reading depending on the education and psychographics parameters.
A continuous updating on an issue gives the latest development on a subject or an event the readers long for. Giving the readers what is going on each day, as an idea, an opinion and a progress of an issue and its end we thrive. All content is systematically gathered, categories and placed here giving a unique presentation which eases the search for quality information on any topic.
Providing high quality contents in a systematic manner that we save reader’s time and enrich them with maximum information they could get in less time. We gather information from across the world and across all verticals instantly and keep the pages fresh and updated always.
Our coverage consists of News, Politics, Finance, Science and Technology, LifeStyle and many more. The reliability, quality and constant updating of information attracted many Coporates and News platforms to syndicate the content from us. Our relentless work to ensure high quality content for each category and niche without any distortion of facts and biasness helped us grow faster and serve our customers and readers better.